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-Calvin L Frazier-

I grew up in the church so I was always around music. I swear it felt like I was on a natural high! Hearing the sounds of a gospel vocalist singing with strong emotion derived from their own personal pain and joy complemented by live instruments. Easily this would put chills all over my body and leave me in a state of comfort.

Though I couldn’t really sing, I was in the choir and actually was chosen to be lead on one particular song. I was nervous, but I loved music so much it didn’t matter. I was always most inspired by the sound of hard drums mixed with the moody melodies coming from the piano. As a teenager I started learning how to play both the piano and the drums, but I never stuck with it. When I was about 16 I began to get sidetracked away from gospel by rap music. The way people would rhyme words and come up with creative metaphors was mind blowing to me.

But my spiritual mother who put God in my life said if it didn't have anything to do with God it was the devil or had evil spirits in it.

So I had to sneak and listen to rap music. I got heavy into hip-hop music around the mid - late 90s. I would actually buy cassette tapes and hide them in a small box in my room. One day my mom found the cassettes and threw them all away! Yeah I think I cried that day. She threw away music like ... Nas - I Am, Mase - Harlem World, Eminem - The Slim Shady LP, Canibus - Can-i-bus, Juvenile - 400 Degreez and more.

After I moved away from home, CDs became popular and I swear the music industry made a killing off me. Every Tuesday I spent most of my paychecks buying multiple hip hop CDs - no matter who the artist was - as long as it was fresh lyrics over a new beat!

I was so obsessed with rap music that I also started writing and rapping myself – this began when I was a teenager and continued through adulthood. From my strong voice, passionate delivery and creative skill, I found a talent in music – I was pretty good. I took it even more seriously when I saw that my music actually had a positive effect on other people’s lives so I decided to work on a music project. As I began creating music for the project I learned more about mixing techniques, chopping up samples, and using different types of music production software. I met Mr. J in 2005 and Daniel a few years later and they have both been a mentor, brother, partner, and inspiration to me throughout the years. There were other people that contributed to my development as a producer-shout out to Rahim, Brandon, and Kyle.

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