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19th track off First Class Fresh mixtape “F.C.F. Bags & Receipts”.

FIRST CLASS FRESH | Members: Al the Rippa, AGZ, Cliassy, Rich "
Take the uniqueness of N.E.R.D, the funness of Gym Class Heroes, and the hunger and motivation of a pre “Dre & Eminem” 50 Cent and put them in a blender on frappe and you’ve got First Class Fresh. An alternative hip-hop group out of Round Rock, Tx, First Class Fresh is a breath of fresh air and a different sound in today’s climate. First Class Fresh is a self sufficient group, meaning we do all of our own beats and production, which we feel is important to do to stay true to our own sound. There really aren’t many great male hip-hop groups out now and we feel like that makes us unique. Individually we have such different sounds, but when they mash together it’s like a utopia of eargasms and euphoric feelings that can not be contained

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Admin September 14, 2013 2:00 AM