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"Straight Outta New Orleans"

-Freedom Comfort-

I Was Baptized in Music in early 1993... Musicalskills is his name, my best friend who introduced me to the Keyboard and the concept of making melodies... from there I learned how to find my way on the keyz by countless trials of mimicking the sounds our High school Marching band.
It was through that process that I became comfortable enough to create my own melodies and drum tracks...
Throughout the years of 95 to 98, I perfected my skills in melody making as I spent countless hours practicing on a stock commercial Yamaha 6 track keyboard...

It wasn't until 2000 when I dropped my first real beat and I was using the Korg Triton at the time. And it was at this time I knew that I had found a skill that would someday be used to bless others... My Musical Influences are... Leroy "Precise"Edwards... Mannie Fresh... Timbaland... JustBlaze... Mike Kalombo... Loop G and many others.

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