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"Birthed By The Beats"


My family threw a lot of parties in the 80's and music always played a prominent role. At these events I was constantly exposed to multiple genres from Oldies, Pop, and Disco to Dance, Soul, and Rock, but Hip Hop has always been my first love.
My uncle Roger, who was only 8 years older than me, was an original B-Boy and one of the first Hip Hop DJ's in my area that went by the name Da Smoof Rocker. I got hooked by riding with him in his car with the booming system and the frequent mixtapes he gave me. My early favorites were Snoop, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Warren G.,Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, GangStarr, and Nas.
Between 1992 and 1998, was when Hip Hop had the most influence on me. I consumed everything Hip Hop I could. Early on in Germany there was no Hip Hop radio, TV or magazines, but in 1995 I was able to get YO! MTV Raps and Word Cup (first German Hip Hop Show) as well as buy the first German Hip Hop magazine called Juice.

In 1997 I started to write my first rhymes with my buddy Hot Spurs. In 1998 we recorded our first verses with Magix Music Maker. In 2000 I met my first music mentor, a beatmaker called Nykro from the Netherlands, who showed me how to use a Tracker Software that I still use nowadays. In 2001 I started to connect with people on US Rap Forums like or It was there I did my first collaborations with American artists. My second teacher, who showed me more about beat making, was Lankizzle, a great musician and person from Lacey, Washington State.

From 2003, I started to focus on making beats and learning how to produce tracks. That is when I fell in love with sampling. To create something new out of something that already exists and put it in a new context with new ideas, melodies and sounds to it still gets me. I would call myself a versatile producer. I never restricted myself to one direction of beats. Whether it is BoomBap, Dirty South, R&B or West coast, I've got skills to handle any kind of Hip Hop production. My trademark, however, is hard drums and a clean and professional mixing.

I’ve created about 3000 Beats all together and produced about 10 Albums, a few EP's and a lot of Single Tracks. I’ve worked with popular and unknown artists. On occasion, some of these collaborations turned into long friendships. Infinite Skillz, Nice Krispy and Calvin L Frazier are a few that come to mind. I am part of the B.A.S.E. Inc. Music team and have been crafting music with Infinite Skillz for about 10 years. Our newest project, "Late To The party" was just recently released. With Nice Krispy , my friend of 10 years I formed a group and album called TrueSkool and have plans to start a new project. My brother Calvin, who I met about 8 years ago, I was drawn to because of his skills as an MC. I started by producing tracks for him and have continued to support him since about 2005 when he started to produce beats of his own. Nowadays we are inspiring each other with new sounds. We decided to put our skills together along with Freedom Comfort and his incredible talent for making classic melodies to form Blessed By The Beats.

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