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The Beginning, The Transition & The Amalgamation...

Calvin (Bless) is originally from Columbia, SC. He came to Austin in 1999 and began exploring the different areas of hip hop. Calvin started out emceeing, writing lyrics and remixing other artists' music. He spent many years developing his talent and enjoying causal freestyles with friends. Word spread about Calvin’s lyrical talents so the next logical step was to create a mix tape. Calvin was determined to make his first recording a superior effort but was greatly discouraged by the ability to secure original beats at a low cost. The quality and sound of the beats that were available were not in line with the type of sound that Calvin wanted to produce. Mr. J and B. Heat, acted as sounding boards to Calvin’s predicament and recommend he try to create his own sound. In 2005, Calvin began developing his talents in the production arena by creating his own hip-hop beats and other music, and this is when Blessed by the Beats was born. The name Blessed by the Beats is a humble way of expressing musical talent. So Calvin’s focus shifted away from creating a mix tape as he discovered his passion for creating original hip hop beats. In 2008, Calvin met Daniel Washington (Freedom Comfort) and discovered a mutual love for music. So with Mr.J still on board Calvin (Bless) soon brought the three producers together to collaborate and be a part of Blessed By The Beats.

Future Projects

"In 2014 we trying to network with more popular artists who are giving us the chance to prove our skills. We have all paid our dues and together as a team we are able to produce tracks representing various genres and flavors - from Eastcoast Underground to smooth R&B Tracks. As a statement we will start working soon a project called "You have been blessed"... the first BBTB Album Sampler with different artists on it. This compilation will show our professional work ethic and our sense for timeless yet modern production."

Admin January 8, 2014 2:00 AM